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Théa Group

Théa Group

Théa is a profoundly European company whose independence, stability and entrepreneurial spirit are safeguarded by the Chibret family, which has been instrumental in the field of ophthalmology for over 150 years.

This family governance model focuses on Théa, its employees, people values and long-term development to fulfill our mission: to be the “Eye Care Specialist”. Théa’s commitment is to provide innovative products and a wide range of medicinal products (service products, daily-use products) to healthcare providers and patients in all ophthalmological therapeutic classes.

We constantly reinvest in Théa’s two priority areas of Innovation and Internationalization, with long-term strategy outweighing short-term profit. Théa’s objectives are continuity, enhancing long-term partnerships and collaborative research, transmitting our knowledge, tackling unmet medical needs by offering new treatment or patient support models. Internationalization is rooted in Théa’s genes: Théa aims to become a world leader in terms of export and international presence in compliance with the culture of each country where it is present.

It is this vision that makes Théa unique.